Set comes with

28 wooden dominoes

each are 5 inch wide x 10 inch long

The play

Starting the game

Place the dominoes face-down on the table and mix them up Each player selects 7 dominoes. Keep you dominoes in front of you but hidden from your opponents. The player with the highest double (six-six) places that double on the table to start the game. After the first round, the person who won the previous round starts first. Playing the Game The next player to the left must then place a matching domino next to the first domino. For example, if the first player started the game with the double six, the next player must play a domino that has a six on it. Doubles are placed perpendicular to other dominoes when being played. The first double played is called the “spinner”. The spinner may be played off of either end as well as its regular sides. The spinner is the only place where it can be played off of 4 ways. If the player doesn’t have a domino of matching value, they must pick a domino from the “boneyard”. They keep picking up dominoes from the “boneyard” until they get a playable domino. If there is no playable domino then the player must “knock” or pass their turn onto the next player. Scoring Points may be awarded during the play of the hand by making the exposed ends of the chain total to a multiple of five. The winner at the end of each hand also scores points for all the remaining unplayed dominoes in the other player’s hands added and rounded to the nearest multiple of five.


The first player to reach 150 points wins. 

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